Program by Deaf Litercy Initiative
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RSA – Reading Level 1

Retail Sales Associates

  • read product labels for information on how to take care of them, for example how to take care of wood floors, your car, your computer
  • read product labels about how to use them, for example hair dye, cough medicine or cleaning supplies
  • read email messages from workers in other stores to see if what you need is available at their store
  • read comment cards filled in by customers
  • read notes from supervisors or from co-workers from an earlier shift that give updates or reminders of tasks to be done

RSA – Reading Level 2

Retail Sales Associates

  • read company guidelines that tell how to stock and add to supplies
  • read information sheets about upcoming sales
  • read memos and guidelines about health and safety
  • read reports on injuries or accidents in the store
  • read newsletters and fashion magazines about products

RSA – Reading Level 3

Retail Sales Associates

  • read notices and benefit forms from head office
  • read product warranties
  • read cashier manuals to learn how to use the cash register