Program by Deaf Litercy Initiative
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Document Use

Retail Sales Associates

  • read lists of customer names, addresses and products bought
  • read labels on shelves or on products
  • read identification codes on products and in catalogues
  • read model numbers on products brought in for repair or replacement
  • read signs which show departments and sale items

Retail Sales Associates

  • read schedules that show employee shifts and breaks
  • read charts that show different types of customer complaints
  • refer to tables that show the sizes of different products
  • read catalogues to find information on products
  • read reports
  • Examples
  • void reports – showing sales that were canceled
  • daily business reports (DBR)
  • sales reports
  • monthly health and safety reports
  • complete purchase orders for suppliers
  • prepare invoices for customers
  • fill out different forms


    • purchase orders
    • special order forms
    • return forms
    • delivery forms
    • employee discount forms
    • deposit forms
    • repair forms

    These forms must be filled in correctly to avoid mistakes,

  • refer to assembly drawings of cars
  • read lists and books of rate codes to find the cost to rent a car

Retail Sales Associates

  • use diagrams that show how to set up display areas
  • fill in vehicle accident report forms, giving a description of the accident and a picture of roads and intersections