Program by Deaf Litercy Initiative
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Retail Sales Associates

  • greet customers
  • chat with customers to help them feel comfortable in the store
  • communicate with suppliers or manufacturers to get answers about products or to see if they are available

Retail Sales Associates

  • chat with customers to
    • explain the features of products
    • answer customer questions
    • convince them to buy
  • chat with store owners or supervisors to
    • talk about stock and sales
    • explore how to improve store procedures
  • tell customers if they change their mind they can easily return the product
  • report to mall security or to police officers about a theft

Retail Sales Associates

  • solve problems with co-workers

Retail Sales Associates communicate

  • in person
  • using email, blackberry, TTY or video phone
  • using ASL
  • using gestures

Generally there are no environmental factors that affect communication, but some retail sales workers may

  • work in a noisy place that makes communication difficult
  • near noisy areas such as garages or warehouse
  • have language barriers with customers

When language is a barrier, store staff may ask staff from another store to help or contact an interpreter.

Sales Associates communicate using

  • words
  • visuals
  • display designs
  • lighting
  • artistic senses with colour and texture