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Professional Occupations in Public Relations and Communications

NOC: 5124

This profile is based on interviews with those working in the field across Canada and confirmed by consulting with industry experts across the country.

This profile includes people who work in public relations and communications. Agents such as entertainment, literary and sports agents are also included in this group.


  • develop and run strategies for communication and promotion
  • develop information programs
  • publicize activities and events
  • develop and keep relationships with media on behalf of
    • businesses
    • governments
    • other organizations
    • performers
    • athletes
    • writers
    • other talented people

They are employed by

  • consulting firms
  • corporations
  • associations
  • government
  • social agencies
  • museums
  • galleries
  • public interest groups
  • cultural organizations
  • other organizations

In some cases they may be self-employed.

Public Relations and Communication Professionals are required to

  • sit a lot
  • move around the site of an event
  • use hand-eye coordination to use computers

Public Relations and Communications Professional may also be required to

  • carry boxes of flyers for events

Public Relations and Communications Professionals benefit from

  • a keen visual sense to evaluate printer’s proofs

Public relations and communications professionals must

  • like to be around others
  • like to ask questions and learn
  • be confident and eager
  • be flexible
  • be able to switch easily between tasks
  • be patient

  • Writing
  • Communication
  • Thinking Skills – Decision Making

Public Relations and Communications Professionals will need increased computer skills.