Program by Deaf Litercy Initiative
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Public Relations and Communication Professionals

  • read letters and emails

Public Relations and Communication Professionals

  • quickly read press releases and newsletters from related organizations and government bodies to stay aware of initiatives, campaigns and activities
  • read quickly daily newspapers, news magazines, media clippings and electronic news alerts
  • read quickly trade journals and magazines to see if there are any articles that should be read in detail

Public Relations and Communication Professionals

  • review contracts


    • Public relations and communications workers review service contracts to book event locations.
    • Entertainment agents review long contracts about recording and distributing products.
  • study reference materials(books) to learn
  • read different reports and papers
  • Texts may be
    • long
    • difficult
    • use new terms
    • specific to the organization, industry and topic
  • read to edit and revise text


    • read texts they’ve written or those written by co-workers and contractors to make sure language, content, tone and key messages are
      • suitable for the audience
      • correct messages which meet the purpose