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Professional Occupations in Business Services to Management

NOC: 1122

This profile is based on interviews with those working in the field across Canada and confirmed through consultation with industry experts across the country.

Business Professional in this group provide services to management such as analyzing

  • operations
  • methods of management
  • functions of an organization
  • advertising needs and developing appropriate advertising plans

They are employed by management consulting firms, advertising agencies and throughout the public and private sectors or are self-employed.

Business Professionals in the group must be able to

  • sit a lotExample
    • when reading documents, using computers, writing proposals and reports or attending meetings
  • stand a lotExample
    • stand to make presentations and to facilitate conferences, training or brainstorming sessions
  • move aroundExample
    • to coordinate activities with project team

Professional Occupations in Business Services to Management may be required to

  • bend, kneel, climb and crouch
  • climb stairs
  • use multiple limb coordinationExample
    • climb a ladder at a manufacturing plant

Professional Occupations in Business Services to Management may also require

  • strengthExample
    • carry printed materials, equipment or re-arrange furniture for a meeting
  • vision, smell and touchExample
    • assess advertising strategies

To be successful, professionals in business services to management must be

  • analytical
  • organized
  • creative
  • motivated
  • focused on results

They must

  • have a strong ethics
  • be able to work without close supervision
  • enjoy dealing with clients
  • be open-minded
  • be flexible, polite, calm, patient, tactful and positive
  • be able to work well under pressure and deal with many deadlines, tasks and demands at the same time

  • Writing
  • Communication
  • Thinking Skills – Critical Thinking

In the future Professionals in Business Services to Management will need

  • more advanced computer skills
  • stronger skills for finding and reading key information
  • stronger critical thinking skills
  • ongoing learning