Program by Deaf Litercy Initiative
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PSBSM – Writing Level 1

Business Professionals

  • write short comments on project tracking and specification forms
  • write email to project team members, subcontractors and clients to
    • remind them of delivery dates
    • provide direction
    • ask for information
    • respond to questions

PSBSM – Writing Level 2

Business Professionals

  • write minutes of project team, individual interview and focus group meetings that include
    • discussion summaries
    • decisions made
    • items that need follow-up
    • a common understanding of what was said
  • write short papers for co-workers when they return from training courses and conferences that
    • summarize course and conference contents
    • identify topics which relate to clients’ organizations and current projects

PSBSM – Writing Level 3

Business Professionals

  • prepare standards, regulatory codes, procedures and guidelines to help client organizations with
    • operations control and quality
    • performance and environmental management
    • rules clients’ and employees have to follow
    • steps to take to accomplish job tasks

PSBSM – Writing Level 4

Business Professionals

  • write lengthy proposals for projects which
    • address clients’ key needs and present complex ideas clearly
    • gather and select technical descriptions from many sources and rewrite them in clear language
  • write project reports which
    • describe project backgrounds, objectives and methodologies, discuss findings and offer conclusions and recommendations
    • explain other reports clearly