Program by Deaf Litercy Initiative
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PSBSM – Reading Level 1

Business Professionals

  • read handwritten notes from co-workers and colleagues write short comments on forms
    • Example: fax cover sheets and invoices
  • read warnings, directions for use and other text on product labels

PSBSM – Reading Level 2

Business Professionals

  • read comments and other text on forms
    • Example: read participants’ comments on seminar and workshop evaluation forms
    • Example: read team members’ comments on project specification forms
  • read email

PSBSM – Reading Level 3

Business Professionals

  • read business and trade publications
  • read instruction manuals, ‘help’ items and ‘frequently asked questions’ when operating computers and other equipment

PSBSM – Reading Level 4

Business Professionals

  • read
    • business, marketing, communication and promotional strategies
    • annual and benchmark survey reports
    • quality performance and environmental management standards
    • organizational objectives, policies and procedures
    • business policy and regulatory documents
  • read ‘requests for proposals’ for projects – which involves helping clients plan, organize, manage, assess and improve their human resources, operations, communications and marketing
  • They read proposal requests to learn about the
    • tasks
    • evaluation criteria
    • mandatory requirements
    • selection processes
    • skills needed to do the projects