Program by Deaf Litercy Initiative
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Document Use

PSBSM – Document Use Level 1

Business Professionals

  • read labels quickly for different data
    • Example: scan labels on file folders to locate project names, dates and job numbers

PSBSM – Document Use Level 2

Business Professionals

  • find data in different lists and tables
    • Example: read lists of documents which must be attached to their proposals
    • Example: read schedules and resource lists to find phases, activities, resources, milestones and deadlines

PSBSM – Document Use Level 3

Business Professionals

  • find data presented on different forms
    • Example: review participants’ feedback form
    • Example: search different sections of the forms to find satisfaction ratings and other data
  • study graphics to understand the structures, systems and processes used by client organizations
    • Example: a management or advertising consultant may review a flow chart that shows the chain of command
  • complete forms to record project data
    • Example: consultants may collect and enter details such as phone and fax numbers, meeting dates and job numbers on project specification forms

PSBSM – Document Use Level 4

Business Professionals

  • get data from graphs
    • Example: a promotions consultant may study graphs from market research sources to learn more about the demographics of the target market
  • design activity schedules for their consulting projects
    • Example: create Gantt charts to identify key tasks and milestones
  • prepare tables to analyze project data
    • Example: display data using bar and pie charts, line and other graphs to show findings from their analyses
  • create drawings to show proposed changes to structures, systems and processes