Program by Deaf Litercy Initiative
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  • measure the length of tasks using timers and stopwatchesExample
    • a work study analyst may record the time it takes to do tasks by kitchen staff in a fast food chain

  • figure out travel claim amounts
  • measure images, documents and packaging using rulers and onscreen measuring toolsExample
    • an advertising campaign manager may measure size of brochures to make sure they fit custom packaging and display holders
  • figure out the amount of products and services to purchase

  • figure out purchase order and invoice amounts
  • determine the lowest price for goods and services
  • determine room sizes when helping clients with accommodation reviews
    • measure scale distances on floor plans
    • change them to actual distances
    • figure out the areas and perimeters of offices and meeting rooms
  • figure out the number of interviews and focus groups needed to represent the target groups by organizational size, industry or geography

  • compare organizational performance to industry competitors using data from annual reports and other sources
  • determine the best level of inventory and resources for manufacturing, wholesale and trade businesses – to have the most effective use of materials

identify strategies to determine if programs are effective and efficient by

  • collecting and analyzing data such as cost, duration, resource use and numbers of customers served or reached
  • determining if the statistics collected give the information needed