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Computer Programmers

NOC: 2174

This profile is based on interviews with those working in the field across Canada and confirmed through speaking with industry experts across the country.

Computer programmers

  • write
  • make changes
  • use information from different sources to make programs
  • test computer codes for
    • microcomputer and mainframe software applications
    • data processing applications
    • operating systems-level software
    • communications software

They work in private and public sectors

  • computer software development firms
  • information technology consulting firms
  • information technology units

Computer Programmers require the ability to

  • sit a lot
  • use hand-eye coordinationExample
    • type on keyboard

Computer programmers must be

  • thorough
  • detailed
  • organized

  • Problem Solving

There is a predicted high demand for technology services. Computer programmers will

  • deal with a large amount of information
  • need improved information finding, reading, and document use skills
  • need improved critical thinking skills to determine if information is useful