Program by Deaf Litercy Initiative
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Computer Use

  • use communications softwareExamples
    • send and receive email
    • attach documents with colleagues and clients
    • create address lists
    • schedule meetings and send invitations to participants

  • use word processingExample
    • create, edit and format documents such as reports, proposals, user guides, workflow plans, schedules and specifications documents
  • use graphics softwareExamples
    • change photographs of client’s products by changing size, colour or contrast
    • create animations and visual representations of client’s products
    • use presentation software to show the development process for websites including the method, architecture, data access and ‘lookup’
  • use spreadsheetsExamples
    • create list of tasks and timelines for projects
    • track feedback or comments
    • build tables and graphs
    • program macros to produce stats
    • make data lists into different kinds of lists
  • use the internetExamples
    • do searches for programming codes, information about software or solutions to problems
    • visit sellers’ web sites
    • take part in forums
    • post descriptions of problems on bulletin boards
    • visit and evaluate different web sites for specific features and functions
    • connect directly to client’s system to find and fix errors

  • use databases
    • design, create, manage, update and search the databases
    • use database application development tools to develop custom software specific to client’s needs
  • design programs, systems and softwareExamples
    • develop web pages with interactive or animation features
    • create interfaces for databases
    • develop information management systems with the ability to search
    • program email messaging features
    • link various documents, tables and web pages

Computer programmers must have specialized knowledge of

  • multiple computer languages
  • codes
  • other system development applications

They must be able to

  • identify the language to use for a given application
  • program the features and functions to meet clients’ needs

Computer Programmers must be able to use

  • word processing software
  • graphics software
  • databases
  • spreadsheets
  • financial software
  • statistical analysis software
  • skills to program systems and software design
  • communications software
  • internet