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Administrative Clerks

NOC: 1441

This profile is based on interviews with those working in the field across Canada and confirmed through speaking with industry experts across the country.

Administrative clerks

  • collect, confirm, record and process forms and documents
  • applications
  • licenses
  • permits
  • contracts
  • registrations
  • purchase orders

They are employed throughout the private and public sectors.

Administrative clerks

  • sit a lot
  • move around the office

Administrative clerks may be required to

  • bend
  • stoop
  • crouch
  • kneelExample
    • when handling files

Administrative clerks must

  • have good people skills
  • have good communication skills
  • have good judgment
  • be prompt
  • be attentive
  • be calm
  • be tolerant
  • be flexible
  • be patient
  • be pleasant
  • be well organized

  • Document Use
  • Communication
  • Thinking Skills – Job task planning and organizing

Changes which may affect the Essential Skills used by these workers in the future include increased

  • use of computers for inventory control, ordering and bookkeeping
  • use of computer created spreadsheets for record keeping
  • demand for documenting processes