Program by Deaf Litercy Initiative
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Document Use

College and Other Vocational Instructors

  • find data in lists, tables and schedules


    • find course numbers, credit hours, scheduled class times and locations, test dates, maximum number of students and instructors’ names in their course catalogues and annual calendars

    Theatre instructors review lists of upcoming productions in their local communities.

    Math instructors refer to lists of math formulae.

  • find data on product and document labels


    • class instructors read envelope labels quickly on student survey packages to make sure the data is correct- data such as academic divisions, departments, programs and dates
    • firefighter instructors read Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System labels quickly on fire extinguishers to learn the chemical contents, inspection dates and safety measures
  • find data in entry forms


    • find times and dates on permission and release forms for tournaments, debates and other activities
    • read student feedback forms quickly (scan) to find scores on rating scales, responses to questions and written comments

College and Other Vocational Instructors

  • record data in forms


    • complete request forms for textbooks and photocopying giving the amount needed, dates needed by and special instructions for printing and binding
    • complete time sheets by giving the number of regular and overtime hours for each pay period

    Instructors working with students that are doing practical training fill out vehicle logs recording dates, locations and numbers of kilometres travelled.

    Trainers in private industry fill out summary forms which record session dates, locations, clients’ names, course numbers and numbers of participants.

  • create lists and tables


    • language instructors create vocabulary lists that are specific to a topic
  • create entry forms


    • private trainers create invoices that include clients’ names and addresses, details of services provided and costs of items
    • college and vocational instructors create course schedules, subject matter tests, data collection tools and course evaluation forms