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Computer Use

COVI – Computer Use Level 2

  • use word processing


    • write letters to their supervisors and reference letters for students
    • create exams
    • create rating and evaluation forms
    • create course outlines and prepare assignments and handouts
  • use databases


    • access students’ records in school databases to find data such as home addresses and to enter grades and comments
    • access school, public and national library databases to find journal articles and teaching materials
  • use communications software


    • send and receive emails
    • use program features such as distribution lists and replies that say they are away from the office
    • put appointments, meetings and dates for tasks to be done on their online calendar
    • use internet
  • use other computer and software applications


    • Blackboard and Web CT to post lecture notes, assignments and other information for students
    • Banner to record student grades
    • LXR-Test to develop banks of questions for use in creating exams

COVI – Computer Use Level 3

  • use graphics software


    • create slide shows using presentation software such as PowerPoint
    • create multi-media presentations using text, graphics, audio and video
  • use spreadsheets


    • create tables in which to record student marks
    • figure out stats and show results such as the students’ marks
    • create spreadsheets to show course and program activities

COVI – Computer Use Skills Summary

College and Other Vocational Instructors must be able to use

  • word processing software
  • graphics software
  • databases
  • spreadsheets
  • computer-assisted design, manufacture or machining
  • communication software
  • the internet
  • other