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  • receive payments from customers and make change
  • track petty cash
  • balance the petty cash sheet

Furnace cleaners measure to make sure the furnace and vents will fit.

Building superintendents do a number of tests when they set heating controls by measuring air pressure, temperature and flow.

Building superintendents check gauges in the furnace room and let the plumbing/heating company know when pressures are not at the right levels.

Guest room attendants determine the amount of supplies needed


  • towels
  • soap
  • coffee

Cleaners figure out the correct amount of cleaning fluid which needs to be added to a pail of water

  • figure out the cost of supplies by multiplying unit prices by amounts needed
  • prepare simple financial summaries

Cleaners figure out how much time they need to do a job.


Duct cleaners consider

  • amount of cleaning needed
  • size of the building
  • problems they saw last time
  • factors they can’t see yet, such as mice in the duct work

  • may total a bill for service and supplies, including labour charges, using an hourly rate and adding taxes

Building superintendents may

  • get quotes for equipment purchases
  • assess the best value by looking at how
    • much it costs
    • long the equipment will last
    • much it will cost to service or repair

Workers figure out the area of rooms and walls to determine the amount of paint or carpet needed.

Septic tank cleaners give quotes on costs to solve technical problems. They consider

  • soil conditions
  • amount of material in the tank