Program by Deaf Litercy Initiative
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Computer Use

  • use word processingExamples
    • write letters and progress reports
    • create consent forms, contact lists, job placement schedules and other learning support documents
  • use graphic softwareExample
    • use presentation software such as PowerPoint to create slide presentations
  • use databasesExample
    • put in and take out data using their organizations’ case management and student information databases
  • use spreadsheetsExample
    • create and format spreadsheets for contact lists, program tracking sheets and petty cash summaries
  • use communications softwareExample
    • use email to send and receive messages and attachments
    • use other features of email programs such as appointment calendars
  • use the internetExample
    • use search engines
    • visit and bookmark web sites
  • use other computer and software applicationsExample
    • use Duxbury software to translate text to Braille

Instructors and Teachers of Persons with Disabilities must be able to use

  • word processing software
  • graphics software
  • databases
  • spreadsheets
  • communications software
  • internet
  • other