Program by Deaf Litercy Initiative
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  • collect money for trips or activities and make change
  • help students learn
    • the value of different coins and bills
    • how to add the cost of purchases
  • how to make change
  • help students learn about measurements
    • length
    • time
    • temperature
    • weight
  • measure medication to give to children
  • measure ingredients when baking or cooking with children
  • keep track of student behaviour to note their progress
  • figure out the amount of paper and other supplies needed for certain activities

  • help students learn about interest charges
  • budget the expenses of trips and activities
  • schedule their time with classes and students
  • help students learn about basic geometry
  • figure out percentages for reports such as attendance records
  • help students learn about averages and how to use them
  • figure out how much to prepare to do activities