Program by Deaf Litercy Initiative
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Community and Social Service Workers

  • write notes in logbooks

    • write notes to keep co-workers informed about clients’ actions, upcoming events, concerns and items that need attention


    • a residential counselor records concerns about a client’s behaviour in a logbook to update the counselor on the next shift
  • write e-mail to clients, co-workers and colleaguesExamples
    • a community worker writes an email to a client to tell them about the services at the Native Friendship Centre
    • a settlement worker writes an e-mail to Immigration Canada giving an outline of a client’s case and asking why there is a delay in the department’s response
  • write longer reports, assessment and planning forms that describes a clients’ case history, background, needs, goals, interventions and action planExample
    • a halfway house worker describes in a case management plan a client’s personal goals, possible problems and steps to help the client get back into society
  • write notes and learning materials for presentations and workshopsExample
    • a life skills instructor writes a summary of the information given in a workshop about how to solve conflicts

Community and Social Service Workers

  • write letters

    • a community worker may write a letter to a social club asking for financial assistance for a special needs client
    • a mental health worker may write a letter of support for a client applying for social housing
  • write progress reports for clients
  • write summary and evaluation reports for treatments and intervention programs

    • a family service worker writes a client progress report giving a summary about the family, goals, progress and suggestions for further counseling
    • a community organization worker writes an evaluation report giving a summary of a program’s goals, challenges and successes

Community and Social Service Workers

  • write proposals for social work projects and programs
    • describe programs’ goals and objectives, targeted client groups, needs for services, positive effects on communities, descriptions of services and evaluation plans
    • present reasons to justify funding requests