Program by Deaf Litercy Initiative
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Computer Use

  • use word processing softwareExample
    • write support letters for clients using Word and WordPerfect and being able to edit the text
    • create posters to advertise upcoming events for clients by using different text font styles and inserting graphics
  • use databasesExample
    • enter client statistics and get data from their organizations’ case management database
  • use spreadsheetsExample
    • use spread sheets to create budgets and organize counseling and program data
  • use communication softwareExample
    • use email to answer questions about their organizations’ services and to connect with co-workers
    • insert links to web pages and other internet resources into their emails
    • download attachments
  • use the internet

Community and Social Service Workers must be able to use

  • word processing software
  • databases
  • spreadsheets
  • email
  • internet