Program by Deaf Litercy Initiative
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Document Use

Community and Social Service Workers

  • quickly read lists and tables

    • a community worker quickly reads over a directory of daycare services to find a daycare home close to where a client lives
  • quickly read labels for data

    • look to see if clients’ names appear on prescription drug labels and find expiry dates and the amount to take

Community and Social Service Workers

  • complete intake forms, applications, tracking records, timesheets and referral formsExamples
    • a seniors’ community worker completes Old Age Security and Canada Pension Plan applications for a client
    • an outreach worker completes a referral form for a client who needs a clothing donation
    • a detention home worker completes a form that tracks visitors
  • find data in forms

    • a financial assistance worker reads quickly a client’s application for social benefits to find financial and demographic data to see if a client is eligible
  • find and interpret data from charts and graphs

    • an addiction worker may find information about the effects of prescription drugs from a drug chart
    • a drop-in centre worker may interpret a graph that shows that homelessness and addictions are connected
  • create lists and tables

    • a women’s shelter supervisor may create a staff schedule to make sure staff are on-site 24 hours a day