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Lesson #3: What lack of Essential Skill(s) played a role in the DVD?

To develop an understanding of why Essential Skills are important for life, learning and work.

  • know why the accident happened in the video and know which essential skills weren’t used
  • know why essential skills are important for everyday life, learning and work
  • understand why improving your Essential Skills is so important

Essential Skills are used every day at home, work or school. Not learning the Essential Skills needed or not using Essential Skills at all can lead to problems, sometimes serious problems.

In the DVD, Al Skillauto is killed in a car accident. During their investigation, the ESI agents discover that Jake is responsible for causing the accident.

The accident happened because Jake

  • didn’t use the Essential Skills he already had
  • didn’t continuously improve his Essential Skills

As a result, Al Skillauto died!

Not having the level of Essential Skills needed or not using Essential Skills doesn’t always lead to outcomes that are that serious. However, not having the right level of Essential Skills can lead to negative outcomes in your life.

This is why learning is so important. By improving your Essential Skills you will

  • become more skilful at your job
  • develop the skills need for the job you want
  • feel more independent and satisfied
  • overcome barriers

Working alone or in a group answer the following questions

  • What did Jake do to cause the accident?
  • What Essential Skills were missing or not used?
  • How could have Jake prevented the accident?
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